The Digital Everyday

The Digital Everyday is a 3-month digital-first learning journey, presented by Point of View in collaboration with Digital Narratives Studio (Chinese University of Hong Kong) and Design Beku centering bodies as the site where gender, sexuality, and the “digital everyday” is shaped.

Two years in, the course has received over 500 applications from 30 countries, onboarding over 350 residents and learners since 2022. Our participants engage with a team of 15 knowledge and learning partners hailing from leading academic and civil society institutions across the world, including ArtEZ University of the Arts , University of California , Persuasion Lab , Numun Fund and Minderoo Centre of Technology and Democracy, University of Cambridge to name a few.

applications for 2024 are open 🏫

Join us for the third edition of The Digital Everyday: presenting a new avatar with deeper dives with knowledge partners and in-person action labs !

Testimonials from 2022 and 2023

"The Digital Everyday course established a foundation of collective learning, motivation, and expression. It offered ways to support each other not just as cohort or residents but also as individuals who are joining from different places of the world. This course has also led to finding ways to resolve interpersonal dynamics within the cohort. Through making methodologies of different kinds, we established an understanding of how techno and social intersect, along with locating these experiences in our own realities as subjects…The Digital Everyday modules helped us to delve into these anxieties as a cohort and how can we then try to think of them in a more resistant manner, by keeping every aspect in our own mind frames as well."

- Excerpt from Cohort 4 (Class of 2022)'s Lexicon

  • "The Digital Everyday helped me take the first step towards gender rights theoretical approach and to look at the digital ecosystem through that lens...Due to this program I've been exposed to the realities beyond what is visible of the digital world which I would be conscious of going forward both in personal and professional lives."

    Deepika Thakur

    Cohort 5, Class of 2023

  • "Most of the times it consisted of a more hopeful approach when it came to learning calls, because it provided me a space to something to look forward to every Saturday and listen to each other's perspectives on the respective modules assigned."

    Pranjali Sharma

    Cohort 4, Class of 2023

  • "I found the entire programme extremely well-paced and it gave me enough time to work with each module comfortably while also sufficiently staying focused on the larger goals."

    Afrah Asif

    Cohort 1, Class of 2023

  • “The difficulty with working with a feminist methodology, in a world which doesn't incentivize the same, is that we can neither backtrack, nor move ahead…Yet, I deeply appreciate the material, the labour, and the care which the TDE has extended to all its participants.”

    Prateek Gupta

    Cohort 3, Class of 2022

  • "I was quite comfortable with the design of the program. It helped me connect to my cohort but also learn through the ideas and experiences of the larger group and learning partners and knowledge partners."

    Deepika Thakur

    Cohort 5, Class of 2023

  • “I absolutely adore the way the program has been designed and run. There's a lot of thought and care given to the learning experience and it shows. I personally struggle with time but TDE created space for learning at my own pace.”

    Suruchi Pawar

    Cohort 4, Class of 2022

  • “The modules have really furthered my understanding of digital spaces and some nuances of technology and have helped me critically think through digital systems through a social justice lens.”

    Chehak Gidwani

    Cohort 4, Class of 2022

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By Hafsa Kider
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