The Digital Everyday

The Digital Everyday is a 13-week online learning journey, presented by Point of View in collaboration with ArtEZ University of the Arts (2022) and Design Beku centering bodies as the site where gender, sexuality, and the “digital everyday” is shaped.

call for applications!

Join us for the second edition of The Digital Everyday with additional new modules!

Apply here by 11:59 IST, 23rd July 2023

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  • “The difficulty with working with a feminist methodology, in a world which doesn't incentivize the same, is that we can neither backtrack, nor move ahead…Yet, I deeply appreciate the material, the labour, and the care which the TDE has extended to all its participants.”

    Prateek Gupta

    Cohort 3

  • “I absolutely adore the way the program has been designed and run. There's a lot of thought and care given to the learning experience and it shows. I personally struggle with time but TDE created space for learning at my own pace.”

    Suruchi Pawar

    Cohort 4

  • “The modules have really furthered my understanding of digital spaces and some nuances of technology and have helped me critically think through digital systems through a social justice lens.”

    Chehak Gidwani

    Cohort 4

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